Some of My Media Shows


  I made this page to share some fun stuff that I've made.  They are safe exe files to download and because I made them.

The Burns Bunch

If you click HERE you can download a media show of my family...The Burns Bunch.


Trip to Pennsylvania

Sonja and I took a trip to Pennsylvania, New York and Canada in July, 2001...wanna see what we did?  Click HERE

Aunt Lois and Aunt Ruthie take a trip to Nevada to see Aunt Jeannie

Click HERE to watch Aunt Lois and Aunt Ruthie visit Aunt Jeannie in Nevada.


Cruise to the Bahamas...March, 2002

Want to see some highlights of my cruise to the Bahamas in March, 2002 with my daughter, Sonja, and some friends?  You can click HERE and have a look at a little media show I made.  


Cruise to Key West...June, 2002 

If you click HERE you will be downloading a media show showing a cruise from Port Manatee to Key West that I took with my daughter in law, Debbie, on June 21, 2002.


Trip to Myakka River State Park with Tim...May, 2001

Click HERE to download the Myakka River State Park trip.  Tim had just
been issued his driver's learners permit and he drove me to Myakka State Park for the day.  :))  Of course he's an experienced fully license driver now! :))


Lynda and Elaine's Frolic to the East Coast

Please click HERE to download a media show of a trip to Coral Gables and the East Coast that Lynda and I went on.  We had great fun!



Click HERE and download a media show of Tim's graduation and see why we are so proud of this guy!


Santa In Florida

Click HERE for a Christmas card I made showing how Santa rests in Florida after Christmas.  :)

Scott and Debbie's Wedding

Click HERE to see Scott and Debbie's Wedding


Lynda's Family Album

Lynda...Click HERE to view your family album.  :)



Billy's Graduation from Portland High School in Portland, Tennessee, 2008

Click HERE


Tim and Tiffany's Wedding at the Wedding Chapel at Disneyworld, Orlando Florida
December, 2008

Click HERE